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Hmm, any ideas?

I don't know why exactly I'm here, but I need to waste some time.
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another quick print for AX (I’ll be at I35).. tokyo ghoul.. i know like no one reads this but .. screaming I love kaneki 

One of my purchases at AX this year! Though, I’m still sad that there wasn’t much Tokyo Ghoul and Noragami merchandise in the dealer’s hall (there was none) and in artist alley (a total of 5 (that I liked).. :( But, this really made it for me, especially since this was the first time I brought stuff from artist alley since I started attending AX in 2006.

  • me: I think I'm in love
  • friend: which anime character is it this time

Absolutely nothing in this place is yours.


The Baskerville Dukedom


get to know me memefavourite male characters: Yato [5/10]


"Tsubasa - WoRLD CHRoNiCLE - Nirai Kanai-hen" starts on August 20th in Shonen Magazine SPECIAL!

First chapter will have color pages and a total of 49 pages. “Tsubasa” will be featured on the magazine front cover.

To celebrate the new series, there will be a special service to win Tsubasa-themed earphone jacks.

Source: http://www.shonenmagazine.com/magasp/index.html


Reblog/like if you are a FEMALE who likes playing videogames!!

I’m trying to show my friend that it’s normal for girls to play videogames!



Elliot Nightray: chose to die before Oz could kill him.

Alice Baskerville: chose to die to save Oz.

Oscar Vessalius: stayed behind to be killed so that Oz and the others could escape.

Xerxes Break: used the last of his strength to save Oz and the others and stayed behind to die so they could continue on.

Pandora Hearts characters are serious about protecting Oz.

conclusion: do NOT protect Oz!!!!!!!!!! 

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To anyone in the West who has Sengoku Basara 4….. How are you playing it?

I mean other than on the PS3. This isn’t the time to be a smartass.

I wanted to order Sengoku Basara 3 Utage for the Wii, but I was told it won’t play on Western systems.

If someone could PLEASE help.. I really want to play both!

I believe the problem with the Wii is that it has a region block. For example, you can’t play games imported from Japan on a Wii that was purchased in the US. But, Sony did not place region blocks on their systems, I’m playing Japanese imported games on my PS3, and PSP so I think you should be able to play it. I don’t know if that’s what you’re asking or not, so I hope this helps?


"The Abyss is at once the beginning and end of all things. The world is protected by Chains that prevent it from being engulfed by the power of the Abyss."

- Revis Baskerville, The Master


Also, I’m just going to ag stuff about the anime Tokyo Ghoul but everything about the manga I’m going to tag Toukyou Kushu because - and this happens in like all the fandoms - the manga posts tend to get drowned out by the anime posts.

I think it may be due to the fact that anime of Pandora Hearts doesn’t have a lot fans. (It really sucked!)