@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Elsie:400,900); Hmm, any ideas?

Hmm, any ideas?

I don't know why exactly I'm here, but I need to waste some time.
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I swear to god if I die before kingdom hearts 3 comes out im gonna be PISSED

I had 3 months of doing nothing but working half-time and hang around town… Yet despite all this free time, I didn’t even bother going on tumblr much less post my stuff.

Now school is starting again so back to my two jobs, school work, and more school work.

Whatever, end of my rant against myself, I shall finally post my drafts tomorrow or Wednesday. I’m sorry, I’m not sharing my feels with everyone :(


The cover of the Shonen Magazine Special


I’m sacrificing my soul to make Rise of the Tomb Raider multiplatform

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another quick print for AX (I’ll be at I35).. tokyo ghoul.. i know like no one reads this but .. screaming I love kaneki 

One of my purchases at AX this year! Though, I’m still sad that there wasn’t much Tokyo Ghoul and Noragami merchandise in the dealer’s hall (there was none) and in artist alley (a total of 5 (that I liked).. :( But, this really made it for me, especially since this was the first time I brought stuff from artist alley since I started attending AX in 2006.

  • me: I think I'm in love
  • friend: which anime character is it this time

Absolutely nothing in this place is yours.


The Baskerville Dukedom


get to know me memefavourite male characters: Yato [5/10]